Hope For Sri Lanka

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It is 18 April 2022 today and the whole Sri Lanka is in unrest. I don’t wish to talk about who are responsible for this pathetic situation in the country today, as it’s been well-analysed and explained by the experts over and over again.

We all know that this distress has been heating up in the society for decades though this latest explosion of the socio-political unrest emerged just less than two months ago when the consequences of country reaching the brink of bankruptcy were felt by the majority of the population for the first time in the history.

New series of inspirational discussions

As a Sri Lankan living in the UK, I have been observing many differences between here and in Sri Lankan value system (the general acceptance of right and wrong) which I have so often recognised as the explanation for the huge gap between our respective state of living.

I have been hoping to share my observations on this not-very-obvious but very-crucial factor that divides us from the western world, because I believe that a complete system makeover will be realistic only if we change the existing value system of the Sri Lankan society.

Here I am starting a series of discussions on how the society functions here in the UK in contrast to Sri Lanka under different scenarios and I hope this will inspire you all to be more perceptive in the journey to rebuild Sri Lanka the right way…

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Life Satisfaction In Sri Lanka

Life satisfaction comes with the work satisfaction, which explains how passionate we are about our career. Choosing the wrong job is a common mistake that we Sri Lankans do. As a result, it is not only that the individuals are unsatisfied, but also the whole workforce of the country turns ineffective. Both the existing education system and our social value system contribute to our youth making wrong decisions about their future carrier. In contrast to Sri Lanka, people in other countries like UK where I live choose what they love and are best at for their job and obviously this is one main reason why they are a more satisfied nation than us.

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Women’s Role in Sri Lanka

Women’s role in a country is an indicator of its social, economic and political standing and the stability. You can see how true this is by observing the differences of the women’s role in the society between Sri Lanka and other countries. I have noticed that women in the UK are more confident and forward in the society compared to women in Sri Lanka. Most notably, in this society, their opinions never go wasted. Without any doubt, other countries have gained a quite lot by taking women’s ideas into account and putting them to good use. It is time now to redefine the women’s role in Sri Lanka in order to bring about a real system makeover that is going to make history.

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