The Healing Journey

Healing journey is a unique experience to individuals. The time it takes to heal can vary from person to person and there could be unpredictable ups and downs throughout. This whole experience depends on various factors related to our personality, the kind of support we get, our circumstances etc. Knowing our path ahead helps us skilfully emerge from our distress. Here are some common tendencies in a bereavement and healing experience, so that you know what to expect from your healing journey.

Solidarity With Nature…

We all agree that premature death is natural for plants and animals. However, we subconsciously expect every human born in this world to span the full lifecycle, owing to the advancements in science and technology today. But in reality, we could never overcome death because we too are bound by the nature's law. See this reality existing in everything, everywhere in the environment and around you, so you won't feel alone in losing a loved one. The truth is, every one of us is a potential candidate to experience bereavement. It is just a matter of time.