Ukrainian Refugee Mental Health Crisis

Ukrainian refugees' mental health crisis is more serious than their material deprivation. It will take years for them to physically revive, and yet decades and generations for their minds to recover from the trauma of war. If there is at least hope for a healthy nation and a prosperous country one day in future, this large scale impact on people's mental health should not be ignored, underrated, or postponed to address later.

Sense Of Self-Safety

Our sense of self-safety is the self-protection system within us. It comes to our rescue at the time we are undergoing a great loss in life. Though grieving is normal, it is necessary to be cautious about reaching harmful extremes during bereavement. Keeping our good sense active is necessary to remain safe and sane during this time. However, some circumstances like being fully looked after by the others, though seemingly fortunate, make our sense of safety redundant so that the recovery from the bereavement is difficult.

What It Is Like To Survive The Bereavement

You might wonder what it is like to survive the bereavement, if you are at the very early stage of coping with death of a beloved. At this point, you may not be able to imagine that anything can actually make you feel better over time. Mind you, it is crucial to heal and possible to heal. There is help out there for you to come out of suffering. Your healing journey opens up for you the moment you are ready. But don't expect that you will go back to where you were, after undergoing the healing process. In fact, you will be better in many ways than one.

Healing Does Not Mean Forgetting…

I’ve got to tell you that healing is not forgetting because I personally knew some people who resisted healing from their grief as they thought it meant they were forgetting (and hence betraying) their late beloved in some way. If you too are in the same boat, this post is for you. Before anything, don’t worry, you don’t have to forget them and also you shouldn’t forget them. On top of all, please be assured that forgetting them is impossible. So, healing does not mean forgetting, instead it lets you keep your late beloved closer to your heart forever and empowers you to continue to cherish them.