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Irrespective of our religious and ethnic backgrounds, we all respond to the loss of a beloved one or a relationship break-up by grieving.

Your grief creates different moods in you at different times based on the mental object active at the moment. Sometimes you are crying for your departed beloved, sometimes it is about you and another time it is your future, and again it is your shared past with them.

It is not just sorrow; waves of different heightened emotions overwhelm you. You might feel lonely, empty, lost, confused, scared, burdened, inert, worthless, guilty, angry, helpless, hopeless or self-pity, depending on your mood.

Your mood is determined by your thought process, which is the root cause of your pain. Healing Monastery aims to cure you by realigning your thought process, particularly when you are coping with grief.


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It is my absolute pleasure to make sure that you are hopeful about tomorrow…

At an age as young as 15 years, I was consoling distressed minds of those who were in my social circle, and occasionally, many years my senior. Over the years, the range of grievers who sought my help, extended further to include a broader circle of friends, work associates as well as acquaintances (who I never expected would approach me for anything).

Those days I wondered why they chose me, out of all others, to confide in. Now I know why. First, they knew that their secrets were safe with me. Then, I was an empathetic, good listener. On top of all, what I spoke made sense to them, and hence helped them heal.

Inevitably, I became an unofficial therapist. In the past 30 years, my life has never been short of those who were almost dependent on me, for consolation, morale support and guidance.

My approach is to help the griever emerge from their emotional confinement by perceiving their loss in terms of reality. As a result, they not only heal, but end up being stronger as well as more liberal and independent than ever. In helping them heal, I too have gained a hoard of experience over the years, that made me more resourceful, confident and mature.

I know nothing about you. But I know fully well the distress you are undergoing and how to heal you. My posts will induce a dramatic change in your perspective towards life. You will smile again before you know it…

It is my absolute pleasure to make sure that you are hopeful about tomorrow. I am your healer.

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