Ukrainian Refugee Mental Health Crisis

Ukrainian refugees' mental health crisis is more serious than their material deprivation. It will take years for them to physically revive, and yet decades and generations for their minds to recover from the trauma of war. If there is at least hope for a healthy nation and a prosperous country one day in future, this large scale impact on people's mental health should not be ignored, underrated, or postponed to address later.

Healing Power of Compassion

The compassion you have for others has a magical power to heal your own aching heart at a time of bereavement. Therefore, one of the best medicines for your grief is listening to other grievers. This simple act relieves you because there is no room in you for self-pity when your mind is engulfed by thoughts of others, but not you or anything that is yours. Unlike self-pity, compassion is outbound, meaning it springs from your core and flows outwards. The ultimate result is that you loosen up the tightness in your chest.

Life Satisfaction In Sri Lanka

Life satisfaction comes with the work satisfaction, which explains how passionate we are about our career. Choosing the wrong job is a common mistake that we Sri Lankans do. As a result, it is not only that the individuals are unsatisfied, but also the whole workforce of the country turns ineffective. Both the existing education system and our social value system contribute to our youth making wrong decisions about their future carrier. In contrast to Sri Lanka, people in other countries like UK where I live choose what they love and are best at for their job and obviously this is one main reason why they are a more satisfied nation than us.

Women’s Role in Sri Lanka

Women's role in a country is an indicator of its social, economic and political standing and the stability. You can see how true this is by observing the differences of the women's role in the society between Sri Lanka and other countries. I have noticed that women in the UK are more confident and forward in the society compared to women in Sri Lanka. Most notably, in this society, their opinions never go wasted. Without any doubt, other countries have gained a quite lot by taking women's ideas into account and putting them to good use. It is time now to redefine the women's role in Sri Lanka in order to bring about a real system makeover that is going to make history.

Talking To Someone Helps…

Talking to someone helps during our mourning period in many ways than we know. It is more helpful when we know how to make a constructive conversation that helps us come out of suffering for the moment as well as in the long run. However, sometimes we might not feel the need to talk and that too is all fine and normal. Moreover, expressing ourselves does not have to involve mouthing, or words at all. It can be any medium that relive the heaviness of our chest, as long as it does not harm us in any way, in short or long term.

Sense Of Self-Safety

Our sense of self-safety is the self-protection system within us. It comes to our rescue at the time we are undergoing a great loss in life. Though grieving is normal, it is necessary to be cautious about reaching harmful extremes during bereavement. Keeping our good sense active is necessary to remain safe and sane during this time. However, some circumstances like being fully looked after by the others, though seemingly fortunate, make our sense of safety redundant so that the recovery from the bereavement is difficult.

The Healing Journey

Healing journey is a unique experience to individuals. The time it takes to heal can vary from person to person and there could be unpredictable ups and downs throughout. This whole experience depends on various factors related to our personality, the kind of support we get, our circumstances etc. Knowing our path ahead helps us skilfully emerge from our distress. Here are some common tendencies in a bereavement and healing experience, so that you know what to expect from your healing journey.