What It Is Like To Survive The Bereavement

Is it possible to recover from grief?

You might wonder what it is like to survive the bereavement if you are at the very early stage of coping with death of a beloved. It is because at this point you may not be able to imagine that anything can actually make you feel better over time. Also, you might not know how the life would be like if you don’t have your loved one. Doesn’t matter that we feel lost at the moment, but we should know that it is crucial to heal.

If it is too much to think about the future, just take one day at a time, and do whatever it takes to come to terms with what happened, be it talking to someone, helping sort out your late beloved’s belongings, writing your diary or blog etc. We need to find out a way out of our suffering. Why? It is true that we have no control over the overwhelming distressful emotions, but we have to accept that it is not a pleasant feeling that any of us would like to live with. Mind you, there are better options for this situation than suffering.

There are people out there, willing to help you, if you just tell them how you feel and what you want. Also, there are numerous methods we can resort to for recovery if you just look around. Most importantly, every one of us have a hidden potential within us that helps survive difficult situations. So, why not dare your life with all your might? Your healing journey opens up for you the moment you are ready.

To be frank, your healing journey will not take you back to where you were, or what you knew was normal. It is going to be a new normality for you. Here, I am going to unfold some facts about what it is like to survive the bereavement, so that you would opt for healing instead of resorting to other non-productive solutions like alcohol and drugs.

Positive transformation

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As I mentioned, you will never be the same person after confronting bereavement and undergoing the subsequent healing process. In fact, you will be more experienced, more resilient, more liberal and better in many ways than one.

‘Better’ doesn’t mean that you are better without your beloved. Better signifies the positive transformation you were subjected to as a result of your loss and the recovery process. It is a transformation, which elevates you to a stronger being than you ever were.

You will know this yourself when you have passed roughly 3 months on your healing journey. You will know, from deep within, that you are a different, stronger, more mature and kinder person, as a result of surviving an unexpected, tragic loss.

Good out of bad?

Of course, it is a weird phenomenon, that anything good is related to the most unenviable, unfortunate loss of our lives.

Misconception on this will hinder any progress we make in our healing journey. So, it is very important to make this matter clear.

Remember, those who did not opt for the healing path, would not reap the experience and the benefits that we discuss here. Instead, they would lead to further devastation. So, it is a matter of choice between the healing path and the devastation path.

As our loss is irreversible, the only wise choice available for us is to make the most of our existing (undesirable) situation. So, that is why we chose to heal. Does that make sense?

So, let me reiterate. We are only opting for the most sensible choice of escape route from our pathetic circumstance – which is healing. Any upliftment made to our character in the healing process, is inevitable.

Today’s post is dedicated to you, who endured the loss, acknowledged the reality, managed an overflow of emotions, and still kept your head.

You are not just a survivor, but a hero too

What is your personal experience about surviving a great loss? I am sure it only made you stronger at the end. Did you too discover that you are more resilient than you thought you were? I would love to hear from you. Please share it in the comments below because your feedback is always of value to all of us.

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