Solidarity With Nature…

Solidarity With Nature‘ is my first ever post. It never crossed my mind that I would be blogging one day. But finally when it happens, I feel like this is what I ever wanted to do. I have a huge collection of topics and stories, mostly in my mind and some scribbled in note books which I am planning to share with you in future through my blog. These are what I used to heal those who were once shattered by a death of a loved one and then changed their viewpoint about life positively after understanding the message of reality in my talks.

Let’s go to the topic now. Here I go…

We all know mankind, undoubtedly, is the most intelligent living being on the Earth. However, they fail to realize that their false perception, that they can control the nature the way they wish, is the main cause of the world’s burning issues today.

We, the humans, tend to forget that we are only a part of the nature.

Why am I talking about the global environmental issues on this forum which is about healing from the bereavement? It is simply because I want to explain you that the mere recognition, that we are just a part of the nature, changes our mood and helps us endure the loss of our beloved ones without losing our mind.

A woman lying among white wildflowers on the ground.

Nature is exemplary

Nature is exemplary in learning about life. Fruits of a tree fall at every stage of its lifecycle: buds, flowers, young fruits, mature fruits and ripened fruits. Only a fraction of buds completes the full life cycle.

Similarly, in animal world, only a portion of young spends the full lifespan.

We all agree that premature death is natural for plants and animals. But our expectations for the humans are different (and high).

Can science defeat death?

We are subconsciously expecting every human born in this world to make it to the end.

Considering the technological and sociological advancements of the world today, it is understandable why we expect for the everyone to have full term of life expectancy.

However, we all know that it will never be a realistic expectation. The maximum we have achieved over the time is an extended average life expectancy of the mankind.

No matter how developed the biology, technology and sociology would be, we will never overcome death…

Nothing and nobody can guarantee that we are fully protected from all the possible causes of death.

Natural law

Whether we like it or not, humans too, similar to other living beings, are bound by the laws of nature, to die, at any time, in any form. It could be due to a sickness, from a natural disaster, human or animal attack, or accident etc.

From the nature’s point of view, what we call an ‘untimely death’ is a misconception because, death at different stages of the lifecycle is an inherent feature of nature for all living beings. The randomness (of the lifetime) itself is the nature.

If we have been weeping over an untimely or ‘any’ death of a beloved one, it is time we look around for the reminder of the rules of the game: the nature’s rules of the game of life. 

Every one of us, all living beings, undertook at birth to abide by the rules of nature. Is there an escape now? No…

Why me? Why them?

Can we blame the nature that the death of our beloved is unfair? This is a very complex question to answer in brief. I will publish a separate post on this.

Here I am inviting you to see the truth that, even in the human world (forget about the animals and plants), you are not alone in losing a beloved one. Every one of us is a potential candidate to experience bereavement. Nobody is an exception. It is just a matter of time.

We can no longer ask ‘why did this happen to us?‘.

It is a fair game. Musical chairs cannot be fairer… 

woman walking in a meadow freely

Being submissive to the laws of nature brings us harmony,
With the feeling that we are no exception, but just one of many…

I hope you found this is a realistic way of looking at a great loss in our life. Though it’s not a new learning, but something you knew all your life, by frequently reminding us of this reality, we will soon start accepting the death of our beloved with equanimity. See this reality existing in everything, everywhere in the environment and around you, so you won’t feel alone or discriminated. You will realise that we all are just part of the nature, nothing else…

I am eager to hear your feedback about this post, particularly because this is my first one. Thanks for adding your comments below, which would be a huge encouragement to me. Also, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe, if you thought this interesting and useful.

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